• Weekdays 6am – 6pm
  • Weekends 7am – 10pm

Tropical butterfly conservatory, Tiruchirappalli is located in Srirangam area of Trichy district. Discover a whole new world far away from the chaos of city life, at the Tropical Butterfly Conservatory , located in the Upper Anaicut reserve Forests in Srirangam with an extent of 25 acres.. The gentle breeze carrying the smell of grass and mud, the myriad of flowers and plants and the eye catching butterflies dancing here and there provides a cosy and restful environment.
This park has an outer conservatory area to provide and facilitate an environment for butterflies to breed, procreate and complete its lifecycle on a perpetual basis under near natural conditions. Indoor Conservatory has also been constructed to show case non-scheduled butterflies under controlled conditions to the visitors. Asia’s biggest butterfly park has a Nakshatravanam (Zodiac Sign Park ) which is the centre of attraction .This part of the park has 27 plant varieties corresponding to the 27 Nakshatra’s ( stars) and 12 plants corresponding to the12 Rasi’s .